A letter from the President: How COVID-19 inspired us to make our services even more accessible

At MOBILAW we do law differently. Though we have a cool name and a colourful logo, we’re a law firm, and what makes us different is not the law we practice, but how we simplify the process to make it more convenient for you.

Our firm was established to bring the law directly to our clients. When we started, the concept of mobile signing wasn’t new, but MOBILAW was the first truly mobile firm bringing actual lawyers – not paralegals – to clients for final signing and to answer all their questions in person.

At MOBILAW, we’re used to thinking outside the box. Since the pandemic, we’ve quickly adapted and redesigned our customer experience to confidently offer clients a safe and secure way to deal with their legal needs. How do we do it?

Through the customization of a Mercedes Benz van into a mobile office, we can now deliver the friendly and professional service the firm is known for, all while observing the guidelines set out by Health Canada, and our Federal and Provincial governments. To ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff members, we’ve developed a strict protocol:

  • the vehicle has two separate seating areas, one for the firm and one for clients. A wall with a plexiglass panel enables contactless meetings and signing, and it also divides the two areas which have separate access doors.
  • before and after each meeting, a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the vehicle is conducted by sanitizing both the inside of the mobile office and the handles and railings of the vehicle;
  • upon entering the mobile office, personal protective equipment in the form of disposable gloves and face masks is available to clients who are not wearing their own.

When COVID started we decided that we were not going to be victimized by the virus, and instead, we chose to have it inspire us to find a safer way to make our services accessible to all. We started by bringing the lawyers into your home, and now we are bringing the law office to your front door.